Binary Two Color Challenge


Binary Two Color Challenge quilts in progress at a sew-in

Have you seen all the diverse and creative quilts coming together for our Binary Two Color Challenge?  Crazy good work and design have been spotted at sew-ins, on Facebook, and on Instagram. There are probably images on Flickr too, but there’s only so much time to surf when there’s sewing to be done! If I missed your picture, I apologize.


Works in progress clockwise from upper left: Kristen from FB, samilou01 from IG, Grace’s spotted at a sew-in, bestcoasty from IG

In case you’ve forgotten, your Binary Two Color Challenge quilt is due this Saturday, December 7, at the Holiday Party and Sew-in at the Greenwood Senior Center.  The challenge quilts will be exhibited at Island Quilter on Vashon Island during January.  The opening reception is January 3 from 6:00-9:00 pm.


More WIP clockwise from upper left: suesewcrafty from IG, greenamberdawn from IG, sewkatiedid from IG, imfeelincrafty from IG

After finishing your quilt with a hanging sleeve and a label, there’s one more thing to do before turning in your quilt for the exhibit.  Don’t worry. It’s just a form to fill out. Don’t forget to give us your quilt’s backstory and inspiration.  Here’s the form.


Even more WIP clockwise from upper left: vickidjl from IG, measuredandslow from her blog, aquilterstable from IG, allisonsews from IG

If you need a bit more time or you can’t be at the December 7 sew-in, the form has details about getting your quilt to Island Quilter.

Show-and-tell on Saturday is sure to be quite a show. Can’t wait to see your quilt!

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