2016 Giving Committee- Little Blue Tents

There’s one quilt left from last year that we haven’t written about it and it’s the Little Blue tents!


I love this improv tent triangle block! The colors look like little lit tents on a warm summer night to me. The pattern is inspired by Ants to Sugar and you can find our details here in case you want to make your own!


This quilt was made from member’s stash and everyone was asked to make 6.5″, 12.5″, or 18.5″  blocks. The blocks all fell into place just right, but in order to achieve a more random placement effect, I added in a couple of inset seams!


Thank you to the lovely ladies that did the quilting and the binding! The quilting was done by Jaci Bartol and I love how she followed the lines of the tents. And Debbie Jeske did the binding.


We had a few blocks that didn’t fit on the front, but help to tie together the back. And we of course have our fantastic quilt label thanks to Dionne .


Thanks to everyone for helping put this one together!

Quilt Name: Little Blue Tents

Quilt Size: 44” x 63”

Blocks by: Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members

Pieced by:  Louise Wackerman

Quilted by: Jaci Bartol

Binding by: Debbie Jeske

Recipient: Nurse Family Partnership

Organized by: 2016 Giving Committee Chairs


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