SEAMQG Summer Swap

Introducing the Friendship Mini-Mini Quilt

Time for a fun and easy swap, with the added bonus of making a new friend!!

We have so many new members, most of whom we’ve only gotten to know on Zoom. So, here’s a way to rectify that.

Unlike past swaps with secret partners, this time we are going to form pairs, matching up newish members with more seasoned ones. Each pair will directly communicate with and make a mini mini quilt for each other. Here are the particulars:

  1. When you sign up, you will be asked to say how long you have been a member. That will allow us to split up the group by length of membership and will be used to create random pairs.
  2. You will receive a shared email to introduce you and your partner. Then it’s up to you to communicate- both to introduce yourselves and to share color and style preferences. Then you make your little quilt.  
  3. Quilt Specifics: Think small: No bigger than 50 square inches (roughly 7” x 7”) which can be considered a coaster, mug rug, tiny hanging, etc. It could be bound, made by sewing around and inverting, etc. It may or may not need batting.  
  4. If your comfort level (and location) allows, why not plan an in person, socially distant date to hand off your quilts? If that doesn’t work, feel free to just mail it.
  5. Please hold off on social media posting until due date (Aug 1, see below). When you post, use #seamqgfriendshipminiminiquilt
  6. Lastly, no extra items should be sent as part of the swap!!

Here are some examples. Both were made by Martha Peterson. These are roughly 4″ x 4″.


Sign-ups: May 14-21 (link will be sent to members by email)

Match: May 23

Initial contact with partner: By May 30

Delivery (mailed or in person): By August 1

Questions? Contact us at

Lets make this the largest swap ever!!!

Your Swap Coordinators,

Jackie Benedetti and Martha Peterson

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