2016 Giving Committee- eXmark

Once all the inherited blocks and fabric were used to make First Star I See, Fade to Black, and Blue Trimmed Cabin, it was time to branch out with even more improv, and big bold color! We chose to use Debbie‘s X Marks the Improv block tutorial, and asked the guild to use their stash fabrics to make 12.5″ x 24.5″ blocks in solid reds with yellow accents.

Every block turned in was so striking, and we loved the bits of contrast sprinkled throughout each block!

I pieced the top together, and there was one extra block, which I incorporated into a pieced backing with more red solid and a coordinating print.
Thanks to Dionne for quilting this one up for us….
and Susan for binding. Susan also took the finished quilt on the road and snapped this awesome photo of it at Westport, Washington lookout tower!
Thanks to everyone who helped make this delightfully modern quilt. It will soon find its way to Nurse-Family Partnership.

Quilt Name: eXmark
Quilt Size: 72″ x 72″
Blocks by: Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members
Pieced by: Louise Wackerman
Binding by: Susan Pray

October Giving Quilt- Improv Stripes

My apologies for the delay in this post! This months giving blocks are improv stripes!


These blocks are pretty easy and quick! Make 1 make 10! It’s up to you!


We’re going with:

Block size to be 12.5″ x 12.5″ or 12.5″ x 24.5″.

Background is white.

Colors are to be warm colors. As in red, orange, pink, yellow.

Colors are preferred to be solids, but prints that are color on color that read as a solid will work as well.


image via Life of an Architect

Want some inspiration?


Top left, Cinzia Allocca

Top Right, Denyse Schmidt

Middle Right, Heather Jones

Bottom Right, (My original inspiration. shhhh… Don’t tell Debbie!), A Quilters Table

Bottom Left, Sew.Quilt.Explore


Are you as excited as I am to see how ours turns out?? Make some and bring to the November meeting!!


Seam Swap recap


Happy swappers, picture courtesy Debbie J.

I love a good quilty swap and it seems like the rest of you are right there with me. It was so cool seeing the beautiful gifts everyone received at our meeting last week, right? Brown bag swaps are good too but there’s just nothing like receiving something made special for you by someone who shares your love of making.

The gifts varied from mini quilts to bags to baskets and more. I think it’s safe to say that each swapper went home with a smile on their face. Have a look at the #seamswap feed on instagram to get a closer look at many of these (and more from past swaps) and be sure to add yours to the pool if you have not yet. We love to see what everyone makes and cheer you all on!

Our next swap will be at the December party with details for that coming out in the next few weeks.

SeaSLABBOM for October

October Choice-Inspiration Slab

For the October slab there are two options.

Option 1: Choice/Intent/Inspiration. Any of those words get your attention or spark an idea? This option would be a great opportunity to add an additional touch of your personal improv style.

Option 2: Lone Star/Diamonds, which was my inspiration for this slab. I started with pieced strip sets and sliced and reassembled to experiment with diamond shapes and angles.

The October slab needs to be approximately 15″ x 30″.

2016 Giving Committee- Across the Pond

The latest giving quilt finish had a bit of an unusual start, in that its blocks weren’t even made by members of our guild!

We’ll let member Jackie Benedetti tell the story:

I went to London in the winter, 2015, and attended the London MQG  meeting, which is held in a pub!  During the meeting we discussed the possibility of doing a swap.  We agreed to keep it simple given the cost of shipping.  After returning home, I communicated with two of their members who were in charge of those activities, and they suggested that we swap 12″ blocks in red and white.  We had about 30 participants from the Seattle MQG.  London had a smaller guild, so many of their members provided two blocks in order to match our 30.   I also discovered that they were running the same swap with the Houston MQG.  You can see blocks from both swaps at #londonseattleswap and #londonhoustonswap.

Here are the blocks Seattle made for London….


and the blocks received back!

Once the blocks had been swapped, Deb Ferguson and Liz Litzler worked most of them into a quilt top, and Deb made a back, which included a few of the blocks as well.

Matt Macomber quilted it with a fun loopy pattern, with a few extra details here and there….

and then Deb finished by binding it. This quilt will be donated to Nurse-Family Partnership.

Name: Across the Pond
Quilt Size: 54″ x 72″
Pieced by: Deb Ferguson and Liz Litzler
Quilted by: Matt Macomber
Binding by: Deb Ferguson

October 2016 Meeting Reminder

Happy Monday, fellow quilters, I am a little late getting this month’s meeting reminder posted. Big thank you to aquilterstable (Debbie J.) for her wonderful post on how Seattle MQG uses Social Media. I especially liked her suggestion that each of us tag one of our instagram posts with the #seamqgmember hashtag. That way we can all get connected and inspire each other!

We will gather together this Wednesday, October, 12th, 7:00 pm at Greenwood Senior Center.

Please bring the following:

  • Your wrapped Secret Sister Swap project! #seamswap
  • Show and Tell quilt project
  • October Birthday? Your turn to bring snacks

This month’s meeting will include the following agenda items:

  • Nominatations for your 2017 Seattle MQG Board
  • #SeaSLABBOM block
  • Show and Tell

October Dates to Remember:

Sunday, October 16th 6:30 pm – Michelle Wilkie Lecture at McMenamin’s Anderson School, Bothell

Thursday, October 20, 2016 – Happy Hour Sew-in at Quiltworks Northwest

Saturday, October 22, 2016 – Monthly QuiltWorks Northwest Sew-in

Social Media and Seattle MQG

Are you feeling like you don’t get the information you need from the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild? There are numerous ways information is shared within the guild and it’s up to you to choose what you want to receive and what avenue works best for you. Here’s a rundown of the options:

Come to meetings! They take place on the second Wednesday of each month at the Greenwood Senior Center (525 N 85th St  Seattle, WA 98103) from 7-9pm. A wealth of info is shared there, plus it’s a great place to ask questions about anything going on with the guild.



Our blog, www.SeattleModernQuiltGuild.com is the most comprehensive avenue of guild news on social media. Here you’ll find info about just about everything that is going on! Get an email when a new post goes up by subscribing on the “Follow Seattle MQG via email” on the sidebar. You can also follow the blog via Bloglovin’ – there’s a link to that on the sidebar also. Here is what you’ll find on the blog:

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The MQG site has Community Groups, which is another place where folks from our guild can gather. On the MQG site (www.themodernquiltguild.com), go to Community, then click on Groups (Members Only) in the dropdown box. Under Groups on the next page, type in Seattle in the box indicated ‘Limit to.’ Then click on Seattle, and you’ll see the most recent discussions (www.community.themodernquiltguild.com/groups/seattle-mqg). Anyone in the guild is able to start and join in on a discussion, and they vary widely, from event reminders, to personal questions. Since there is no global ’email string’ for all of our members, the Community is a way that members can use to reach everyone in the guild. You can be notified of activity in our group by indicating your preferred notification frequency under your Settings in the top right corner of each page.



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Wow – that’s a lot of ways to keep current with the Seattle MQG! Choose what fits you best!