Libs Elliott lecture 2/27


It’s almost time for Libs to come to Seattle! We are so excited to welcome her for a weekend of workshops and a lecture Feb 27-28. Both workshops are full but we do not currently have a waitlist for the Weight of Love class on Sat 2/27. Please send an email to programs @ if you’d like to be put on the waitlist for that one.

All workshop attendees have been sent supply lists and other important information. If you have any additional questions, contact Allison at the address above.

We wanted to make sure all Seattle MQG members have a chance to meet and learn from Libs. Her lecture on Saturday night 2/27 at 8pm is your chance! It will be held at the Greenwood Senior Center and is free for all Seattle MQG members. That’s right, free! Due to space constraints, it will be limited to current members* only – so if you’ve been putting off paying your renewal now is the time. *The only exception will be a handful of non-SeaMQG members who are in the Saturday class and are welcome to stay for the lecture.

So what will the lecture cover?

Libs Elliott is a quilter who is known for using a programming language called Processing to design all her quilts. She will discuss her ongoing exploration of how technology can transform a traditional craft into modern, functional art without abandoning the inherent pleasures of handcrafted objects. Libs has been designing and quilting professionally since 2009. She’ll give you a peek into how she works and tell the story of her quilting journey thus far. She will also be doing a demo of how the code works and showing off some of her gorgeous quilts. I hear she will  have some printed patterns on hand for sale so heads up on that as well.

We are in for a treat! See you next weekend.


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