2016 Giving Committee- First Star I See

When Debbie and I took over the Giving Committee for the Guild, we were given a bag of fabric and a lot of information! When we looked through the fabric, we found a bunch of these star blocks…


So what do quilters do with random blocks? They make a quilt!

It looks like the blocks were made by guild members a while back, but nothing was ever done with them. So we decided we might as well go ahead and make a little quilt out of them!


The backing fabric was also in the pile! We thought the little teal birds went well with the colors on the front.


It took awhile, but Debbie and I narrowed down the list of recommended recipients for the 2016 Giving Committee Quilts! The largest response from our survey was to give the quilts to a women’s charity organization. We narrowed it down even further and contacted a few places. In the end, we have partnered with the Nurse Family Partnership.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a community health program that helps transform the lives of young, low-income mothers pregnant with their first child. The program partners mothers with registered nurses from pregnancy through a child’s second birthday, allowing nurses to deliver the support first-time moms need to have a healthy pregnancy, become knowledgeable and responsible parents, and provide their babies with the best possible start in life. The relationship between mother and nurse provides the foundation for strong families, and lives are forever changed—for the better.

You can learn more about the group here.

The second most popular recipient recommendation from the group survey was to give to animal charities. In the information we were handed down, we saw that two pet organizations had been contacted last year. These groups were both interested in working with us, but it didn’t work out. We have re-contacted them and will be giving each of them one quilt this year for their annual fundraisers. We will give one quilt to Homeward Pet Adoption Center and one quilt to Seattle Humane Society.


This little guy will be heading off to the Nurse Family Partnership!

Quilt Name: First Star I See

Quilt Size: 36×48

Blocks by: Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members

Pieced by: Louise Wackerman

Quilted by: Debbie Jeske

Binding by: Deborah Christensen

12 responses to “2016 Giving Committee- First Star I See

  1. I love this little quilt, and although I have bound a few I don”t remember doing this one. I only mention it because I want the credit to go where it’s due. Or then again my sieve of a brain let this bit of info out through the holes.

  2. Very nice! Always good to see what another person sees in the scraps. Good choices for donating too!

  3. I don’t remember binding this one. I might have forgotten,because I’ve done a couple of them. I just want to make sure that credit is given where due.

  4. Thank you for the info update. All your decisions and plans sound like good ones. The quilt is sweet and will be well loved I’m sure. Thank you for doing this on behalf of all of us. I’m interested in helping when you need some binding done.

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