Sew-In Sign Up – QWNW for Saturday February 24, 2018

As some of you already know, the classroom space that QuiltWorks Northwest very generously offers to us for our sew ins is significantly smaller in their new space. The January sew in, the first in the new space, was kind of a tight squeeze…It was great seeing everyone but in order to keep the group happy and comfortable (with room to move around) we are putting out a sign up for the sew ins at QWNW.

There will be 15 spaces available (10 all day spaces, 5 morning half-day spaces, and 5 afternoon half-day spaces.) Sign up will be first come first served and if you need to change/cancel what you have signed up for, please email

Sorry about the short window to sign up, the end of February certainly came up fast. Please bear with us as we adjust our sew in schedule and locations to accommodate more of the group. We are looking into lots of additional options. If you have a suggestion of sew in space, please let a board member know and we’ll look into it.

Please sign up here:

One response to “Sew-In Sign Up – QWNW for Saturday February 24, 2018

  1. I vaguely remember that Clothworks/Amercan Made Brand may have a space we could use. Or I’m just misinformed. Worth checking out.

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