The MQG Website Changing- New Log In

The MQG has been working on moving to a new website that will be easier to navigate than the current platform and allow for easier interaction of its members. This is only changing for content you access through (Groups, Resources, Etc.)

The MQG website will be unavailable tonight 8/21/2018 from 9:00 pm PDT through tomorrow 8/22/2018 7:00 am PDT  while the changeover occurs.

From an email we received about the upcoming changeover:

“What to Know About the Switch

1. You will get an email soon with information about logging in to your new profile and setting your password. Once you log in, you will see a few profile items to edit — please do so at your convenience!

2. You’ll now have access to new social features called “Circles” that you can use to connect with other members with the same quilting interests as you, and to organize your guild.”

From what we have seen, it looks like Groups are being replaced with “Circles” – One of the Seattle MQG board members will create a “Circle” for the Seattle MQG as soon as we have access.

There will be a Help Section with information about navigating the new site. If you get stuck feel free to email with questions.



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