2019 BOM – Begonia: June

This month we’re prepping HST Units for Row 9 and attaching Row 6. If you’re excited to knock out the last bit of HST construction early, you can peep the units for next month (Row 10) back in the January post.

For those printing out the instructions—I’ve separated this month’s diagrams into 2 images so you can print the construction and assembly diagrams without printing the whole attachment diagram.


Instructions to make the HSTs for Row 6 (April) were incomplete.
To complete Row 6, you will need to make 8 – [2\7] HST Units this month.


2 responses to “2019 BOM – Begonia: June

  1. Question: The instructions for cutting Row 6 in the April directions show 7/1 HSTs. The instructions for sewing them in June show 7/2 HSTs. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Sharon! Thanks for catching this. You’re right, the [2/7] HST Units are missing from April’s instructions, along with 2 more for Row 7. I’ll add a note for this month about Row 6 and will include the other missing units in the instructions for next month.

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