SeaSLABBOM for March

The February strings slabs are looking great! Remember to share on Instagram using #SeaSLABBOM so we can see and be inspired by your beautiful work. The goal of this project is to try new techniques and to get us thinking about how different shapes and blocks are constructed in patchwork.

This month we are going to explore triangles. Think flying geese, half-square triangles, stitch and flip corners on a square (or other shape), triangular shapes surrounded by background fabric, or triangular shapes sewn directly together to create interesting jagged shapes. The triangles slab needs to finish at approximately 15” by 30”.

Here are a couple of tutorial links to get the ideas going for improv triangle shapes:
Ants to Sugar – Little Tents
Little Ms. Sew-Unsew – Improv Stripped Geese

We will be assembling the slabs once they are all constructed, so don’t worry too much about each slab matching up with the one made before it. There will be many different ways to assemble the slabs. I found it helpful to keep the scale of the piecing and the ratio of main to background fabric in mind when constructing each one.

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